Leading in COLOUR

Our Purpose

Leading in Colour is a community organization exclusively by and for racialized youth under the age of 30. Our goal is to train young leaders in activism-based skills that they can use to advocate for themselves and their communities, through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

What We Do


We offer 5 programs aimed at training racialized youth in activism-based skills, community building, advocacy, mobilization and how to engage with institutions that weren't meant for our participation.


We take additional work from faciliating custom workshops and participating in speaking engagements to providing anti-oppressive analysis and more, in part to support the funding of our programs.

Supporting Our Community

We are committed to amplifying the needs of, and acting in solidarity with, oppressed and repressed communities like our own. We participate in mutual aid, offer giveaways and amplify needs-based initiatives.

Words From Our Community