Our Programs

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Diaspora Dialogues

Diaspora Dialogues is a knowledge building and call to action webinar series where we highlight how youth form racialized diasporas are mobilizing across what is currently Canada by raising awareness and taking action to support struggles, movements and resistance in our home and ancestral lands. 

Following our model of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, we highlight activists who are holding governments accountable, fighting imperialism, and caring for their communities.

Emerging Experts

Emerging Experts is a teach-in webinar series where we highlight and learn from racialized youth who are becoming experts in their professional fields of advocacy based on work and lived experience.

We partner with organizations,  advocacy campaigns and activists to create an educational environment. Our goal is transform the way we advocate for ourselves and our communities by learning how policy and social issues impact us through institutionalized white supremacy.

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Solidarity Sessions

Solidarity Sessions are speaker panels dedicated to unlearning internalized oppressions. These are closed events specifically for racialized peoples. During each session we look at how oppression manifests within our communities.

Sessions are designed for youth to showcase the lived experiences of community members and how community-led and trauma-informed decision-making can ensure we take tangible action in solidarity with one another, ending with a call to action.


The Digital Institute for Activism is our formal online training program for racialized youth. We offer customized training fellowships for young racialized leaders interested in pursuing advocacy projects in their communities.

Access to information and training related to advocacy, civic engagement and community building can be scarce and inaccessible. Our goal is to create an environment where youth are given the necessary tools and skills development needed to conduct their advocacy efforts effectively.

Leaders of Colour

Leaders of Colour was our inaugural program, a podcast dedicated to providing a platform for racialized youth to share the important work they are doing in and for their communities.

We feature monthly interviews with Black, Indigenous and racialized youth leaders from across what is currently Canada who are creating opportunities for other youth in their communities to engage in advocacy work. 

Since 2019, we have featured 36 incredible youth nationwide across 27 podcast episodes!

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